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There’s always something to be done

For the past two years I’ve been doing maintenance around the house. (Well, not “me”, I’ve paid to have it done.)  I hope to retire in five years and want to have the expensive items taken care of while I’m still working.

For instance, I replaced the outside doors.  My friends asked me why and I replied “I don’t know.  All I know is that Paul said a few years ago ‘We need to replace our doors.’  So I did.”  Then one of my trees died during last summer’s drought and I had it taken down.  Last year right before the rainy season, the shingles started sliding off of my roof.  I kept hearing odd noises over the front door, but when I’d open the door and look out, nothing.  I blamed it on ghosts (that’s a story for another time).  Then one day I came home from work to find a large section of shingles had fallen near the stoop.  Luckily I was able to get the roof replaced before the rain started.

Some of my driveway sections were lopsided from a few years back when we had to have the sewer line unclogged, so I had it replaced.  Turned out that the builder just poured the cement on top of dirt, that’s why the squares started lifting when the back-hoe drove up.  The man I hired to replace the driveway took care of that and said I shouldn’t have to replace the driveway again in my lifetime.  Since he was replacing the driveway, I had him put a small patio in the front by the stoop.  I’ve always wanted a porch, but because of where the sewer lines come into the house, we couldn’t have one put on.  So now I have a nice little patio to sit on.  I had some stones put in the front yard around a couple of trees so I don’t have to mow over the large roots and so I’d have less grass to mow.  And finally, I had the rotted deck replaced on the back of the house.

I’m actually looking forward to planting flowers this summer.  Something I’ve not done at this house.  I take that back, I did plant three Peonies and a couple of rose bushes in the last 20 years.  But the rose bushes have long since died.  Paul planted the dwarf Lilac bush that I posted about previously.  When the landscaper was putting in the rocks, I had some mock rose bushes planted and some little green plants that don’t mind the sun (don’t know what they are called).  But that’s about it.  My sister is into plants and flowers, so she is going to help me.

I’m also doing some things on the inside to bring the house up-to-date.  It was built in 1980, so it’s time to do some “refreshing.”  This is the fun part.  For months and months and months….  I’ve been looking at decorating websites to get ideas.  I change my mind OFTEN, so I have been taking my time.  I’m also a bit of a tight-wad, so I’ve been reading do-it-yourself websites too.  I just started taping episodes of The Nate Berkus Show ( and now I read that they are cancelling his show this year.

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Robin’s Egg Blue?

I’ve been looking for colors to repaint the rooms in my house.  Previously I used greens and yellow, but now I am leaning toward blue.  I was never a fan of turquoise, teal or aqua in the past, preferring sky blue or royal blue.  But when looking around the internet for color choices, I find myself really drawn toward them.  They are such similar colors that many people get them mixed up, including me.  So I did a search for a comparison on the internet and this answer closely matched my opinions on those colors (except that I think of teal as having more green).  Of course, each of these colors can have different shades.

In my internet searching, I came across references to the movie ‘Butterfield 8’ – .  They used a color that I love and many people referred to it as robin’s egg.  But it looks more blue than what I consider to be robin’s egg.  I would call the movie color turquoise.  So I decided to go to the source, Mother Nature.

I sent a request out to my co-workers to look for broken robin’s eggs, since it is spring and time for life to renew.  One of my co-workers had a robin’s nest near her front walk and told me as soon as they hatched she would bring me one.  Unfortunately, after watching the nest for a while, she determined that the mother had abandoned the nest, so she brought me one of the orphaned eggs.  It is so tiny and precious and blue/green.

I bought a pair of gloves last winter and I really like the color (turquoise maybe) and the other day I was wearing one of my sweaters and realized one of the colors in it was what I had been looking for.  So I was very anxious to compare my egg to my sweater and glove.  Here’s a picture of the three items together.

The glove is more blue and the egg is real close to the sweater color.  So, I just need to decide if I want to go more green or more blue.

Here’s a classic clip of the wonderful Myrna Loy telling her builder about the colors she wants from “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House.”