It’s been quite a while since I last posted.  Just laziness, I guess.  I retired last year, as did my sister.  So she moved in with me from Chicago.  It is great to have her back.  I’d forgotten how much we are alike, and different.  We are twins, you see.  We were always together until I got married and she moved to New York.  We missed out on a lot of sisterly things.  A lot of my friends asked me if I was sure I wanted my sister to move in with me.  Many said they loved their sister(s), but couldn’t live with her(them).  My sister and I don’t always get along, but after we argue and “have it out”, we forgive and forget.  No point in holding grudges.  It’s all about compromise, like being married without the obvious extras.

I am often asked if I miss working.  I liked my job and the people I worked with.  But, I worked in an IT department on the help desk and, to tell the truth, the technology was starting to get beyond my grasp.  As I get older it becomes harder to learn new things.  So I miss the people, but I don’t miss the traffic, the alarm clock or the stress.

People ask what I have been doing.  My standard answer is “Whatever I want.”  Truth is I have mostly been puttering around the house and gathering with friends.  I didn’t retire to pursue some other activity, I retired because I was tired of working and because my sister was retiring.  I was NOT going to get up and go to work while she and my dog slept in!

We did take a trip to Mackinac Island.  No it is not Mackinaw, that is a city on the  mainland.  It was very nice and very relaxing.  I had double knee replacement in 2013 and was able to make an 8-mile bike trip around the Island with no knee pain (I can’t say the same about my butt).



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