Eat that? Are you kidding?

When I first got my dog, I was at the pet store looking for something he might eat.  I saw a couple buying a brand that I hadn’t tried yet and asked if their dog liked it.  The woman replied that the dog didn’t like it at first, but they took the manufacturer’s advice and waited until the dog was hungry enough to try it.  Since I had been told this before but never did it, I asked how long it took.  The woman replied “Four days.”

“Four days?!” I said astonishingly. The woman said that it was very hard to do but the dog eats the food now without a problem.  Since the woman was obviously still traumatized by the event, I just said thanks and walked away.

Here are my thoughts on the matter.  Those companies that tell you to starve your dog into eating their food want to sell dog food – whether dogs like it or not.  It’s about the money, not the dog’s palette.  Once the dog starts eating it, of course he is going to continue to eat it.  He has already been taught to eat it or starve.  If you were starving, you might eat bugs to survive, but do you want to only eat bugs the rest of your life?

I tried various dog foods to find one that my dog would eat.  I’m told that stores will let you return dog food if your dog won’t eat it, but the ones he didn’t eat I donated to friends.  My dog is happy and healthy, which makes me happy and I don’t suffer guilt pangs every time I feed him.

Just saying.


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