Guardian Angels

We’ve all had instances where we’ve done something and wondered how we managed to survive it. Such as not paying attention and driving past a stop sign. Or, you are on a chair hanging curtains and lose your balance. You land in a sitting position on the kitchen table instead of falling all the way to the floor, so you don’t get hurt. Guardian Angels or just dumb luck?

I for one believe in Guardian Angels because, aside from those little things, I have had two experiences that would have been life-changing if my Guardian Angel hadn’t stepped in.

The first.

One day I was walking downtown on my way to a job interview. Since I had to do it on my lunch hour for my current job, I was in a hurry. I stopped at a corner and waited for the signal. As soon as it changed to “walk” I started to step off the curb. Just then, a gentleman grabbed my arm and said “Wait.” I looked over to see a woman in a pickup truck who had decided to beat the signal and failed. The man standing on the other side of the gentleman stepped out and was struck. The police were called and people started giving their eye-witness accounts. I looked around for my “angel”, but he was gone and I continued on to my interview. I always look both ways now after the “walk” signal comes on.

The second.

When I was about 25, I had to work late one evening and left the office about 7:00 p.m. I had parked at a hotel parking lot downtown and was walking there – it was just a couple of blocks. There had been some women raped in downtown parking garages recently, but in a different area from where I was.

Years before, in high school a police officer had talked to our class about safety. He said that most women get hurt because they are too polite to follow their instincts. They don’t want to offend someone by refusing to get into a elevator with them, and things like that. I also had read a newspaper interview of a rapist explaining how easy it is to find victims because of the same thing – manners.

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All done

I’m a little late with this. Here’s how my head saga ends. Ten days after my Mohs procedure, I returned to the doctor to have the staples removed. There were 38. I asked if they were going to numb my head and the nurse said it wouldn’t hurt. She was right except for a couple where the skin had started to grow over them. The doctor came in and checked the wound and said it was looking great. He wanted to see me in a month and in the meantime I was to continue to wash it daily and keep it moist with petroleum jelly. I did and since I had to wear a bandage, I wore hats to work. Although it was nice not to have to style my hair, wearing hats became tiresome.

When I returned for my next visit, the doctor said the wound was healing really well and fast. He had to remove a few hairs that were embedded in the new tissue. That hurt more than the staples. I was given a prescription for cream to put on the wound twice a day for a week and released. Yep, the surgeon didn’t need to see me again unless there was a problem. He said to follow-up with my regular dermatologist. I followed the instructions and continued to wear a hat while using the cream. Now I am able to go without a hat and my hair has grown long enough for a comb-over. But, I gladly show it to anyone who asks. I want everyone to be aware of what could happen from too much sun exposure.