The Saga Continues

One week after my January 6th surgery, it was back to the dermatologist to get my stitches out and get the results of my second biopsy. Not good. He still didn’t get it all. So, he scheduled another surgery for the next week. I was really disappointed. Of course, there was nothing I could do about it. My second procedure was the same routine as before, he numbed my head and explained how he was going to proceed. I asked what would happen if the wound was too big to cover. He gave me four options (none of which were appealing) and said he wouldn’t know until he “got in there.” He put a cloth around the area and started cutting. As I’m sitting there listening to him do his thing, I wondered what the skin/meat was like – was it like cutting into raw chicken or pork? Sick, I know, but what else did I have to think about? When it was time to stitch up the area, he really had to pull the skin to get it to close. I could feel the skin tighten on the right side of my head. Now I have a slight idea of what it is like to have a facelift. When he finished, he left so the nurse could clean up the area. I asked her my question about chicken or pork and she said “No one has ever asked me that before. Now every time we do this, I will be thinking ‘chicken or pork’!” She assumed it would be like chicken. When Doctor returned, I asked him. He didn’t hesitate and said pork.

I had more pain this time. Mostly because of the taught skin. Not only did the top of my head hurt, but I had pain in my right ear. Ear pain is one of the worst pains there is. I took the prescribed pain pills this time, and it only cut the pain in half. So, I took Ibuprofen too. I also massaged the right side of my head trying to loosen up and stretch the skin. It helped. I was so glad to get the pressure bandage off, they make it as tight as they can to stop the bleeding. I must admit I didn’t wait the full 24 hours like I was supposed to.

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