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A horse trip from long ago

Way back in 2007 (early in my horse camping life) I made a trip to Midwest Trail Rides in southern Indiana.

The trip down was pretty easy.  I loaded most things Thursday evening, so Friday I just had to hook up the trailer, load my personal items and Mel.  Mel went right in to the trailer for a change and it only took an hour and a half to get there.  When we arrived, I was able to pull straight into my camp-site – no backing up – yay.

It was so dang hot!!  And so dry!!  The trails were like powder, so the dust was unbelievable.  And since Mel has been known to kick when a horse gets too close to his hind quarters, we had to be in the rear.

We all know the saying “things happen for a reason”.  Well, a couple of weeks before the ride, I had a flat tire on my trailer from a slow leak.  Because of that I purchased a Trailer-Aid Tandem Tire Changing Ramp.  Paul I went out to replace the flat, only to discover that my spare was flat too.  So we took them both to Big-O Tires to be fixed. One they could fix, the other had to be replaced.

When leaving the campground on Sunday afternoon, I rounded a corner and a fence post jumped right in front of my trailer fender.  It was impossible to avoid so I wound up hitting it.  The fender curled down and sliced my newly-fixed tire.  A couple of good-ole boys were nearby and offered to help.  They were able to change my flat using the Trailer-Aid Ramp that I had just purchased.  We rolled up onto the ramp with the good tire and they changed the bad tire while Mel was still in the trailer.  It was funny to see him poking his head out the window to see what was going on.  Either this was all according to some master plan or my guardian angel was looking out for me. If I hadn’t had the slow leak, I wouldn’t have bought the ramp nor would I have known that my spare was flat too.

By the way, I say “good-ole boys” with affection.  Horse people are always so friendly and helpful.

So, add to the cost of the trip, the cost of 2 new trailer tires and replacing the fender on the trailer.  Owning a horse is like owning a boat – the horse is the least expensive thing to buy.  Then there’s the tack, the board, the fly spray, the camping gear, the truck, the trailer, the tires, damage caused by vicious fence posts, etc. etc.  But the fun and companionship is priceless!

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