Busy morning.  I dropped Andre off at the groomer’s at 8:45 am for his nine o’clock appointment.   Then to Jiffy Lube for an oil change and checkup.  Then to the UPS Store to ship a Christmas present back to Amazon.  Then the gas station and the bank.  I arrived home at 10:03.  Boy, you can get a lot done if you start early before the sleepy heads leave their houses.

While I was at Jiffy Lube, a gentleman in the waiting room asked about my truck.  I told him it’s a 2002 with only 65,000 miles because I only use it to pull my horse trailer and to get through the snow (I don’t even have to shovel my driveway when I drive my truck, because it has 4-wheel drive.  He asked if it was Heavy Duty, to which I replied yes, with the extra towing package.  Told him it isn’t a diesel so the gas mileage is really bad.  He said it was a really nice truck and asked if I wanted to sell it, he knows someone looking for a truck.  I said I shouldn’t because I’d have to turn around and buy another one.  Thing is I would love to have a new truck with options like a USB port and navigation, etc., but I just can’t justify the cost.  I mean, I’ve had this truck for 11 years and hardly drive it – it’s not that I don’t like it – I love my truck – it’s because of the cost of gas.

Heard from a co-worker yesterday that Ford is changing its F150 to aluminum.  Said they will shave 700 pounds off the truck and increase the highway gas mileage to 30 mpg (shave about 5 miles per gallon).  Seems odd to me, because a truck is usually used for work like hauling, towing, etc.  Aluminum would dent easily, wouldn’t it?  Another co-worker said that Billy Bob’s gal would jump up to sit on the hood and put a big dent in it.  I replied that I took offense to that – you don’t have to be a hillbilly redneck to own a truck.

So I looked it up on the internet.  I didn’t know that Humvees were aluminum and that Alcoa makes aluminum blast shields for battlefield-bound vehicles.  Or that most of the products now sold by Jaguar and Audi use aluminum-intensive designs.  Or that Land Rover, the British manufacturer known for its go-anywhere sport-utility vehicles, adopted an aluminum body and frame for its Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, saving as much as 800 pounds in the process.  And Land Rover claims that the new vehicles have improved their legendary off-road capabilities.

Very interesting.  Wow – what is even more interesting is that I am talking about TRUCKS.  My how people can change.  I used to drive a little sports car.  Unfortunately I had to sell it because Paul didn’t fit in it and we needed the money for a down payment on our first house.  Oops, getting off subject here.

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