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Mel’s Eye

Friday I received a message from the lady who owns the stables where I board Mel telling me that Mel had bumped his eye.  Nothing bad enough for the vet, just wanted to let me know.  So Andre and I went out to check on him today (Saturday).  It was no longer swelled up and didn’t look bad.  Just a cut above his eye.  I was going to wash it out and medicate it, but it already had a scab forming so I just let it go.  It is amazing how well and quickly wild animals heal.

I was talking to Stacey, the owner, about various things.  Horses, dogs, parents, etc.  Years ago I fell off a horse during a lesson.  I wound up with a concussion and a subdural hemorrhage.  A subdural hemorrhage is caused by bleeding that takes place due to the rupture of one or more of the blood vessels (typically veins) that travel in the subdural space, located between the surface of the brain and the dura, a thin layer of tissue that separates the brain from the skull.  Thank God I had my helmet on or I might have died.  We touched on the subject and Stacey shared something with me about my husband, Paul.

She said that he called her from the hospital to tell her how I was doing and he said in a very serious manner, “Stacey, we got the pictures back and it is confirmed.  She does have a brain.”  We both laughed and she said she remembered what a great sense of humor Paul had.  She once bet him a $1 that he couldn’t fit in her sister-in-law’s Mini-Cooper.  Well he managed to get all 6 foot 6 inches of himself in the car and even shut the door.  His leg hung outside the door, but he won the bet.

God I miss him.

One thought on “Mel’s Eye

  1. Love it, Sharon! I love that Mel is all right – and yes, you’re so right – nature does take care of its animals, lol!!! The story about Paul is a good one – he definitely had a sense of humor. I’m sure you do miss him, but you are so lucky to have people in your life who share those great memories with you. Miss you lots !!!


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