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Andre the mouser

Guess what?  I found another mouse today.  Or rather, it found me.  I was in the living room vacuuming and he came running from under a chair, saw me and ran back.  He kept circling this way as I yelled for Andre.  Andre came running and the chase was on.

Andre chased him constantly, sometimes grabbing him and then dropping him.  But he never lost the scent.  When he had him, I tried to coax him to the back door to take him out, but I think he was having too much fun.  I think all dogs need a job to do.  Usually Andre’s job is keeping me warm at night, barking at other dogs when we are on a walk and occasionally chasing a cat or squirrel out of the yard.  He is always so proud of himself when he does his job.  I can now add mouser to his job description.

The mouse ran under the curio cabinet and Andre couldn’t get to him.  But he kept circling and waiting.  Finally the mouse ventured out and Andre got him again.  My coaxing to the back door didn’t work.  Andre dropped the mouse, who by now was tired and probably injured.  I put on a work glove and grabbed him and threw him out in the back yard.  But Andre wouldn’t give up.  He insisted on going out and looking for him.  Luckily for me he didn’t find him; I really didn’t want him to eat him – YUK!

So after much praise and a treat, Andre is now nestled on my lap while I write this story.  Who says poodles are foo-foo dogs!!

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