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Mel’s Eye

Friday I received a message from the lady who owns the stables where I board Mel telling me that Mel had bumped his eye.  Nothing bad enough for the vet, just wanted to let me know.  So Andre and I went out to check on him today (Saturday).  It was no longer swelled up and didn’t look bad.  Just a cut above his eye.  I was going to wash it out and medicate it, but it already had a scab forming so I just let it go.  It is amazing how well and quickly wild animals heal.

I was talking to Stacey, the owner, about various things.  Horses, dogs, parents, etc.  Years ago I fell off a horse during a lesson.  I wound up with a concussion and a subdural hemorrhage.  A subdural hemorrhage is caused by bleeding that takes place due to the rupture of one or more of the blood vessels (typically veins) that travel in the subdural space, located between the surface of the brain and the dura, a thin layer of tissue that separates the brain from the skull.  Thank God I had my helmet on or I might have died.  We touched on the subject and Stacey shared something with me about my husband, Paul.

She said that he called her from the hospital to tell her how I was doing and he said in a very serious manner, “Stacey, we got the pictures back and it is confirmed.  She does have a brain.”  We both laughed and she said she remembered what a great sense of humor Paul had.  She once bet him a $1 that he couldn’t fit in her sister-in-law’s Mini-Cooper.  Well he managed to get all 6 foot 6 inches of himself in the car and even shut the door.  His leg hung outside the door, but he won the bet.

God I miss him.

Andre · Life

Andre the mouser

Guess what?  I found another mouse today.  Or rather, it found me.  I was in the living room vacuuming and he came running from under a chair, saw me and ran back.  He kept circling this way as I yelled for Andre.  Andre came running and the chase was on.

Andre chased him constantly, sometimes grabbing him and then dropping him.  But he never lost the scent.  When he had him, I tried to coax him to the back door to take him out, but I think he was having too much fun.  I think all dogs need a job to do.  Usually Andre’s job is keeping me warm at night, barking at other dogs when we are on a walk and occasionally chasing a cat or squirrel out of the yard.  He is always so proud of himself when he does his job.  I can now add mouser to his job description.

The mouse ran under the curio cabinet and Andre couldn’t get to him.  But he kept circling and waiting.  Finally the mouse ventured out and Andre got him again.  My coaxing to the back door didn’t work.  Andre dropped the mouse, who by now was tired and probably injured.  I put on a work glove and grabbed him and threw him out in the back yard.  But Andre wouldn’t give up.  He insisted on going out and looking for him.  Luckily for me he didn’t find him; I really didn’t want him to eat him – YUK!

So after much praise and a treat, Andre is now nestled on my lap while I write this story.  Who says poodles are foo-foo dogs!!


The mouse

I’ve been cleaning out closets and pantries today.  I pitched some really, really old sugar and flour.  I don’t know how long it lasts, but, since I don’t cook any more, there was no sense in holding on to it.

Last month a noticed a mouse run from my laundry room into the kitchen, so I bought a couple of traps and caught it the next night.  Everyone told me there wouldn’t be just one, but I’ve had the trap out for weeks and haven’t caught another.  We’ve never had mice before, guess it was the drought that brought them in.  Anyway,  there was another mouse.

When I started to remove the trash bag from the can, sugar and coffee grounds started coming out, so I moved it back over the can and saw the other booger in the bottom of the can.  I put the trash bag and hauled the whole thing out to the large trash can and dumped it all in and shut the lid.  Hopefully the little thing is still in there when the trash man comes on Wednesday.

So after cleaning up the mess on the floor, I’m now taking a break.  Whew.  At least I didn’t scream like a little girl and run away.  Very proud of myself.