A Loaded Gun

Many years ago, Paul and I went looking for a replacement car for him.  It was his turn for a new vehicle and since he was 6 foot 6 inches tall, his options were pretty limited.  One of the car dealers was having a promotion for interest-free financing.  Paul liked the Buick LaSabre and fit in it, so we decided to buy one.  It was the last day for the promotion and the place was very busy.  After picking out the car and filling out the paperwork, we had to wait to see the finance guy.  There were a lot of people waiting to see him too.  I went to the ladies’ room once, but we waited long enough that I had to go a second time.  Unfortunately, I turned right instead of left and wound up in the men’s room, face-to-face with a gentleman who was exiting. We were both pretty startled and after apologizing, I retreated to the ladies’ room.

Naturally I told Paul what had happened and we had a little chuckle.  Finally it was our turn and as we approached the finance guy’s office, I recognized him from the men’s room.  I grabbed Paul’s arm and told him and added, “Don’t say anything!”.  Well, that was a mistake.  I should have known not to give Paul ammunition.  The finance guy stood up and introduced himself to Paul with a handshake.  Paul said, “I’m Paul” turned and looked at me and added, ” and you’ve already met my wife, Sharon.”  We all laughed, but I was so embarrassed.

Looking back, Paul did a good thing, otherwise the finance guy and I would have been awfully uncomfortable during the financing process.  Knowing Paul, that was probably his intention – that and a good laugh.

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