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Robin’s Egg Blue?

I’ve been looking for colors to repaint the rooms in my house.  Previously I used greens and yellow, but now I am leaning toward blue.  I was never a fan of turquoise, teal or aqua in the past, preferring sky blue or royal blue.  But when looking around the internet for color choices, I find myself really drawn toward them.  They are such similar colors that many people get them mixed up, including me.  So I did a search for a comparison on the internet and this answer closely matched my opinions on those colors (except that I think of teal as having more green).  Of course, each of these colors can have different shades.

In my internet searching, I came across references to the movie ‘Butterfield 8’ – .  They used a color that I love and many people referred to it as robin’s egg.  But it looks more blue than what I consider to be robin’s egg.  I would call the movie color turquoise.  So I decided to go to the source, Mother Nature.

I sent a request out to my co-workers to look for broken robin’s eggs, since it is spring and time for life to renew.  One of my co-workers had a robin’s nest near her front walk and told me as soon as they hatched she would bring me one.  Unfortunately, after watching the nest for a while, she determined that the mother had abandoned the nest, so she brought me one of the orphaned eggs.  It is so tiny and precious and blue/green.

I bought a pair of gloves last winter and I really like the color (turquoise maybe) and the other day I was wearing one of my sweaters and realized one of the colors in it was what I had been looking for.  So I was very anxious to compare my egg to my sweater and glove.  Here’s a picture of the three items together.

The glove is more blue and the egg is real close to the sweater color.  So, I just need to decide if I want to go more green or more blue.

Here’s a classic clip of the wonderful Myrna Loy telling her builder about the colors she wants from “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House.”

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