When I get interested in a TV show, I’m really oblivious to what it going on around me.  My husband and my sister have had to yell at me to snap me out of it numerous times.  Yesterday I was watching TV and during a commercial tossed Binkie for Andre a couple of times.  When the show came back on, my attention to the game faded.  I’m sitting there watching when suddenly Andre pokes me with his paw.  I turned to look at him and he looked down at my chest.  I followed his gaze to find he had laid Binkie there.  Naturally I laughed and tossed Binkie again.  During the next commercial I looked at Andre, who had decided to curl up on the loveseat, and asked “Where’s Binkie?”  You should have seen the look of disgust I got.  He turned his head and went to sleep.

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