When I get interested in a TV show, I’m really oblivious to what it going on around me.  My husband and my sister have had to yell at me to snap me out of it numerous times.  Yesterday I was watching TV and during a commercial tossed Binkie for Andre a couple of times.  When the show came back on, my attention to the game faded.  I’m sitting there watching when suddenly Andre pokes me with his paw.  I turned to look at him and he looked down at my chest.  I followed his gaze to find he had laid Binkie there.  Naturally I laughed and tossed Binkie again.  During the next commercial I looked at Andre, who had decided to curl up on the loveseat, and asked “Where’s Binkie?”  You should have seen the look of disgust I got.  He turned his head and went to sleep.

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Look, Mel, a mouse

One day a few years ago, I went out to ride Mel.   I went to the paddock and called him in from the pasture.   It only took my “no kidding” voice once for him to come to me.   There at the gate between the paddock and the pasture, the ground was all broken up from horse hooves in the mud the last time it rained.   As I’m standing there putting Mel’s halter on, I noticed a teeny-weeny field mouse really close.   So I walked over and tried to point him out to Mel.   The little mouse is running around, falling into hoof grooves or running into mounded dirt and he finally gets Mel’s attention.

What an unbelievable moment when horse and mouse touched noses to smell each other.  Mel quickly lost interest.  So I bent down to look at the mouse again, and for unknown reasons, reached down to touch him with my gloved finger.   Of course he ran.  Right then Mel took a step and mouse and horse met again.   Mel stepped right on him!!  One moment I’m smiling looking at a teeny-weeny mouse and the next I’m gaping at a horse hoof with half a mouse sticking out from under it.   All that was showing was a little pink butt and the pink bottoms of little feet.

I felt awful!!   I told myself Mel didn’t do it on purpose.  Gosh, I hope not.

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Lamb Chop

I went grocery shopping one Saturday and since I needed to get doggy treats, I stopped to look at the doggy toys.  I found a nice-sized plush Lamb Chop.  I grew up with Lamb Chop and have always loved her so I couldn’t resist buying it.  I figured if Andre didn’t want her, I’d keep her for myself.  Andre always watches as I unpack the groceries just in case I have something for him.  I took out Lamb Chop and handed her to him and to my surprise, he grabbed her and trotted off to the great room, just like a child would have.

New Lamb Chop
Andre and Lamb Chop

He played with her off and on all weekend, he mostly likes to play tug-of-war with me.  Well, that Monday morning before going to work I had to stitch up a seam in one of Lamb Chop’s legs.  Yes, already.

It’s been a week now and Lamb Chop has become an amputee.  Since the thread didn’t hold up and she lost her leg, I decided to use duct tape to patch her up.  Andre doesn’t like the feel/taste of the duct tape, but that doesn’t keep him from playing with her.

Amputee Lamb Chop

Well, three weeks later I had to toss Lamb Chop out.  Andre was pulling all her stuffing out – it was everywhere.  I’m trying to decide if I want to go get another one just for me.