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A visitor

When Andre and I returned from our walk this morning, I stopped in the driveway to watch two squirrels fussing at each other.  They were in two different trees and one was obviously telling the other to stay away.  We were inside just a few minutes when I heard a thump on the roof, as one squirrel used it to get down from his tree.  Shortly he appeared on the deck and came right up to the patio door and peered in.

Now, since (a) Andre’s crate sits in front of the patio door and I usually leave the blinds up enough for him to look out during the day and (b) I don’t feed the squirrels, I can only assume that the squirrel came to visit Andre.  Probably to make him go crazy barking and provide some entertainment.

As I am typing this entry, I heard another thumb on the roof and Andre perked up from his chair in front of the window.  I looked out to see four squirrels chasing each other in the front yard.  They are obviously enjoying the unusually warm weather.  They are also running all around my roof – man, I hope they don’t destroy my new shingles.

One thought on “A visitor

  1. I love the squirrel story. I have a few that love to torment my dog by running along the top of the fence in the back yard, then jump in the closest tree. It has become a game, played out at least once a day:)


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