Wow, A TV Commercial Moment

This is Andre’s toy named Binkie.  As you can see, Binkie has received a lot of love from Andre.


The other night when I got home from work. Andre had urinated in his kennel.  So I pulled out the bedding and tossed it in the washer, along with Binkie, who spends the day in the kennel with Andre.

Later that evening I noticed Andre looking all around the living room and kitchen.  I realized that he had been looking for Binkie when he brought me his sock toy instead.  He likes the sock toy, but will pass it up for Binkie every time.  After we played for a while I remembered I hadn’t put the clothes in the dryer so I went to do that.  When I pulled Binkie out, I squeezed him to see if his squeaker  still worked.  It did and it brought Andre to the door of the laundry room.  He watched me intently as I pulled loose fuzz from Binkie.  Finally I handed Binkie to him and just like in the TV commercials, he took him and trotted out of the laundry room with his tail wagging.

So dang cute!!

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