Hey, that’s not your sandwich

Wow, my first post. Should I make some elaborate post, a short-and-sweet post, something to make you think? Why don’t I just relate something that just happened to me today.

There is a Subway sandwich shop in the building where I work. I went there to get my lunch today. The man in line in front of me (we’ll just call him “Mr. Oblivious”) ordered an Italian sandwich, which happens to be mostly cold cuts. I ordered a steak and cheese, which, as the name suggests, has chopped up steak and cheese. My sandwich needed to be heated so it was put in the counter top oven for a few seconds. When my sandwich was removed from the oven, the server inadvertently placed it in front of Mr. Oblivious’ order. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I order food, I like to keep track of it to make sure it’s made the way I want it and that at no time has it been on the floor.  I looked over and Mr. Oblivious is telling the server what to put on his sandwich. I said, “Hey, that’s not your sandwich.”  All the servers stopped what they were doing and Mr. Oblivious says, “I’m sorry, I didn’t even notice.” Really?

The server grabs his sandwich and quickly adds the toppings. The server then started to remove Mr. Oblivious’ toppings from my sandwich and since I already caused a scene, I asked what was on it. It was just lettuce and onion so I told him to leave it there. He picks up a bottle of red stuff, vinaigrette I think, for my approval. This guy doesn’t speak much English. I shake my head and he starts to wrap the sandwich.  I say I would like honey-mustard, so he holds up the vinaigrette bottle again. I shake my head. He starts to close up the sandwich. I point to the bottle of honey-mustard and say “Honey-mustard.” He grabs the vinaigrette bottle again.  Finally the server beside him says “Just give it to me dude.”  He adds the honey-mustard and wraps the sandwich.

The gal at the cash register is pretty…., how should I put it?  Some of my co-workers refer to her as the Sandwich Nazi.  But she just charged me for a veggie sandwich for my trouble.


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